Bang the Bore is a loose collection of occasionally like-minded musicians. People come and go, are involved in some activities but not others or collaborate on one-off projects. The four who tend to stick around the most – along with being the janitors who maintain this site – are Dan Bennett (Bristol), Seth Cooke (Bristol), Clive Henry (Southampton) and Kevin Nickells (Brighton).

Our activity is directed by intermittent inspiration, frustration and whim. We make a lot of new music available via the Artifacts, Forum and Releases sections of this site. Although we nominally run a webzine you may find more useful – and certainly more regularly updated – information in our Forum. And despite occasionally organising concerts we prefer arranging the kind of one-off themed events, musical happenings or special commissions we’ve been staging at Southampton’s John Hansard Gallery, Bristol’s Arnolfini, or Oxfordshire’s Supernormal Festival.

Ideas, contributions and collaborations are welcome. Send us an email.