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The A Band at Bang the Bore VII Part 1 from Bang the Bore.

It’s no overstatement to describe The A Band as the most perversely pervasive force in UK underground/DIY music. Their anarchic no name, no fixed membership policy and anything-goes approach to instrumentation and musical ability has allowed their swollen ranks to include Neil Campbell (Astral Social Club, Vibracathedral Orchestra), Stewart Walden/Keith (Smell & Quim), Richard Youngs, Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations), Greta Pistaceci, Matt Loveridge (Team Brick, Klad/Gnar Hest), Tim Drage (Cementimental), Richard Thomas (Magnus Spectrum, The Hola) and Veryan Weston at various points throughout their twenty year history. This performance at Bang the Bore VIII in Southampton on 9th January 2011, features members of The Zero Map, Hunting Lodge, Dogeeseegod and Mr. Magnus Spectrum himself.

According to Wire magazine: “The importance of The A-Band to the UK rock underground is commensurate with the explosive impact that groups like AMM, SME or The People Band had on the free jazz and Improv set. An ever-fluctuating group of artists, dole boys, punk conceptualists and record collectors, they were the first UK ensemble to anchor a free drone music in the muscle and scorch of the most high energy rock, while keeping it as untutored as the most elemental folk.” Which makes a bunch of idiots acting like idiots sound a lot more impressive than it really is.

AMM? Really? Cornelius Cardew is probably spinning in his grave.

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The A Band at Bang the Bore VIII Part 2 from Bang the Bore.

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