Today, or: longevity, englishness and the word/music interface

September 21st, 2011 |  Published in Blog

September 21st is a day with a few births of interest.

Firstly, we must bid many happy returns to Mr Sunny Murray – a man who helped revolutionise drumming. Quite simply, he asked the question: “Why should the drummer be restricted to a rhythmic role?”; and then proceeded to help lay waste to jazz conventions on this landmark recording:

And now in his seventies, he continues to practice his art; here he is, last year, with John Edwards and Tony Bevan – neither of whom, i imagine, were born when Murray started playing…

Next, we should wish a very unhappy birthday to Mr Liam Gallagher; who, along with his fellow Britpop conspirators, managed to turn popular indie music into the most vapid “dad-rock” imaginable. Thanks guys. Britpop projected a notion of english pop that seemed to forget the majority of its most glorious characters: Pink Floyd, Wire, XTC, the KLF, Dexys Midnight Runners, the Fall, Swell Maps, etc, etc. Instead, we were treated to a sterile museum; populated by boys who had spent their lives preparing for this, in front of their bedroom mirrors.
Thank goodness Coldplay and Elbow changed all that….

Lastly, this day saw the publishing of The Hobbit in 1937 – nearly 75 years later, and fully grown men paint their faces like scary pandas and take Tolkien’s writings rather seriously.
We live in a curious world.
It made me think of other musics that have been influenced by (if not born out of) literary works. So here’s a black metal overview (i decided not to post a video by Za Frumi, a band who sing in Black Speech – the language created by Sauron):

that bloke from that band reading neuromancer:

and a really very baffling video, where a band tells us why…its…cool. ?


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September 21st, 2011 | by | Published in Blog