COOS Bombfire Night – 5th November, Brighton

November 3rd, 2011 |  Published in Blog

COOS Bombfire Night
Excellent noisy diversion from the usual bonfire night spectacle. Hopefully fireworks will be let off inside the venue so you won’t miss out on the, er, fireworks too much. Would like to be at this but 250 miles and no cash puts a dampner on things…

5th November at 7pm
COOS Bombfire Night at the West Hill Hall (£5)

A pre-fest warm up / fundraiser at Compton Ave’s fantastic community arts space. With:

Adam Bohman – the return of a national treasure, bowing and scraped junk and household objects. His smoke signals beats your iphone.
Milche Grand – one man acid commune vocal yabber
David Winter – performing the ‘songs’ of a sick mind
Harrison/Nyoukis – try to turn yr noggin into a quivering brain fillet
Vitamin b12 – brightons long time mysterious big band
Filthy Eyes – crud-fi tapes and loops by a two man ear stain
Caines/Garside/Pyne/Spicer – Free Jazz whoop culled from the Safehouse
Mothers Of the Third Reich – Oh the horror!!!
Runn From The Work Vann – remedial guitar and drums stumble from Hobo Sonn and John Ives.

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November 3rd, 2011 | by | Published in Blog