David Toop – Music from the Lost Worlds

November 11th, 2011 |  Published in Blog

David ToopCame to my attention a little late, but the 20th October broadcast of Wire Magazine’s Adventures in Modern Music show on Resonance FM was particularly good, featuring selections from David Toop’s collection of ethnographic recordings.  In the words of interviewer Derek Walmsley:

“This special edition of Adventures In Modern Music presents rare and unheard ethnographic recordings from the collection of writer, musician and Wire contributor David Toop, from South East Asia and Africa to Hokkaido and the islands of the west coast of Scotland. We’ll be exploring the work of field recordists such as John Levy and Jacques Brunet, who pioneered location recording from the 1950s onwards, travelling with Nagra tape decks the world over to capture healing music, death rituals, bear chants, animal dances, clapping songs, etc. Other selections will include rare excerpts from the Radio 3 sound archive, many of which were thought lost, wiped or forgotten since first broadcast in the 1970s, and the sounds of the Philips Unesco Collection, Ocora and Ethnic Folkways. David Toop will be joining Derek Walmsley in the studio to talk about these lost sounds and their place in the modern world.”

Adventures In Modern Music 20 October 2011 by thewiremagazine

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November 11th, 2011 | by | Published in Blog