2011 Reflections – Kev Nickells

January 6th, 2012 |  Published in Blog

Kev Nickells2011 was a pretty great year for me. Part of this was because 2010 was well shitty for me. But mostly because, well, I had constant reminders that humans are awesome creatures that do utterly amazing things. Too many friends, old and new, to thank for being amazing this year. I hope you know who you are.I had a new niece to add to my collection of nieces and nephew. I did a big silly 36 hour gig. I moved away from Bristol to Brighton and found that (without being too unpleasant about Bristol) I vastly prefer it here, even with the proliferation of awful cravats. I think I played more gigs than in any year previous. I came on board with the very site you’re reading right now, and a very enjoyable, productive thing it’s been too. I also became a Master of Theology (and it still feels preposterous to write that). Clive introduced me to Baby Metal. Rebecca Black went from not being a person to being something brain meltingly awesome.

There were downsides. Serious things, like the loss of Joey Chainsaw this year, another great musician/ human not given his dues by the world, who’ll be sorely missed. There were a variety of insurrections, protests, ‘riots’ which… depending on your perspective were either the green-shoots of change or the death rattles of a desperate country. Some parts of the country realise that life remains shit for a lot of people – nurses, teachers, the unemployed, the employed, women, black, disabled [etc etc] in spite of the alleged progress ‘we’ve’ made; in response, ostrich-style political commentary made a voguish return and Jeremy FUCKING Clarkson remains un-lynched. Also, I have 27p in my pocket to last me 6 days and I’m still a better economist than George Osborne.

Less seriously, Boxxy’s return wasn’t that hot, I struggled to keep my shoelaces unbroken and Haifa Wehbe is yet to declare her undying affection for me.

Anyway… the music bit…

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January 6th, 2012 | by | Published in Blog