An audience with John Butcher, Mark Sanders and Ben Piekut

January 9th, 2012 |  Published in Articles, Artifacts, Blog

John Butcher and Mark Sanders

Way back in February 2011 I had the good fortune to be able to point my clumsy little field recorder in the direction of saxophonist John Butcher, drummer Mark Sanders and musicologist Ben Piekut when they conducted a question and answer session with Southampton University music students after a frankly jaw dropping lunchtime concert at the Turner Sims. The below Soundcloud stream is the result. While the three subjects are loud and clear, you’ll occasionally struggle to hear the students’ questions. Sorry about that. I got a pair of new condenser mics for Christmas so we shouldn’t have that problem next time.

On the subject of Ben Piekut – forever one of Bang the Bore’s favourite people for hooking us up with our Southampton hosts, the John Hansard Gallery – we’d like to offer our belated congratulations for winning the 2011 Outstanding Article Award from the Association for Theatre in Higher Education for his article Deadness: Technologies of the Intermundane, which you can read online here courtesy of polymath, Halfer Trio fan and occasional BtB concert attendee Chris Gutteridge’s sterling ePrints software. If you ever need a document repository, ePrints is your solution innit.

John Butcher, Mark Sanders & Ben Piekut Q&A by bangthebore

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January 9th, 2012 | by | Published in Articles, Artifacts, Blog