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January 21st, 2012 |  Published in Blog

Simon Reynell at Bang the Bore IX - click to enlargeSimon Reynell – at the back with the black hat and headphones

In December we asked various site contributors, people who’ve played at our shows and people we liked to contribute their thoughts on 2011. Today it’s the turn of Another Timbre label owner and professional sound recordist Simon Reynell (who we interviewed for in April). Another Timbre is one of the few labels that seems unanimously loved by all us site janitors at Bang the Bore, so we were particularly interested in this message that Mr. Reynell put up on his site regarding his plans for 2012:

“Since 2007 Another Timbre has produced over 50 CDs and CDRs, discs which we hope have helped to chronicle some of the most interesting corners of improvised and contemporary music. But times and technologies are moving on, and listening habits are changing. Increasing numbers of people hardly use CDs at all and obtain their music as downloads. These changes offer challenges to CD-based labels like Another Timbre. Until now we have managed to break even, but in the future, as the move towards downloads accelerates, it is likely to become unsustainable to release CDs in minority areas of music like this.

We want to start adapting to the age of digital distribution and making changes before economics compels us to. Over the past year we have been thinking about what a label is or could be in an era of digital distribution. This process of re-thinking is ongoing, and we welcome your thoughts and opinions about how you would like to see the label change. Over the next year we intend to radically transform the way Another Timbre operates. Though we don’t yet know the details of these changes, they are likely to include offering downloads in addition to discs, and releasing music on CDR more than on CD. We also want the website to become much more central to what we do, offering projects and resources instead of being just a virtual shop window.

As ideas become more concrete, we’ll let you know more about what we are planning. In the mean time, please send any thoughts or suggestions to info [at] anothertimbre [dot] com.”

Without further ado, over to the man himself:


UPDATE: Another Timbre now has its own dedicated YouTube channel, with excerpts of many releases from their peerless back catalogue. Click here to enjoy…

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