Leeds, Wharf Chambers: Bolide, Temperatures, Collider

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bolide, temperatures, collider

Wharf Chambers, Leeds: Bolide, Collider, Temperatures
Full line up: Bolide, Collider, Temperatures, Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern, UltraHumanitarian

7.30pm – 11.00pm, Wednesday 6th June 2012
Wharf Chambers, 23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds, LS2 7EQ
£4 on the door

Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club is a members’ club, and you need to be a member, or a guest of a member, in order to attend. To join, please visit Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.

Compared to The Art Ensemble, Le Forte Four, the Magic Band, Sun City Girls, or Smegma featuring Albert Ayler, in their own words Bolide are a chaotic Brighton-based EAI sextet that formed for a one-off performance at the Colour Out of Space Festival and have so far failed to disband.

Avulsive, weaponised improvisation; blunt force trauma, chemical burns, serated edges. This superhero team-up features Matthew Bourne, Dave Kane and Chrisses Bussey & Sharkey.

London duo consisting of rattling free percussion, kraut grooves, gurgling synth oscillations and spider-fingered murky bass fuzz. One of Thurston Moore’s favourites.

Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern
Operating somewhere between Sheffield and Manchester, Takahashi’s are a sonified paint & canvas trio consisting of Angela Guyton, Rodrigo Constanzo, and Anton Hunter

Heroic drum kit freakout and Moog Voyager spaceout from Andrew Forknell (Monster Killed By Laser, A Century of Trees) and Bang the Bore janitor Seth Cooke (Defibrillators, Hunting Lodge, Ganbatte).

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