Michael Pisaro

May 2nd, 2012 |  Published in Blog

A twenty minute interview with my favourite living composer, Michael Pisaro, in which he talks about teaching, composition, funding, community and longevity. You can find out more about Pisaro’s consistently superb Gravity Wave label on his blog, Thanks are due to Doug Holbrook from the I Hate Music forum for finding the above video.

For those in the UK with an interest in hearing Pisaro performed, you’ll have the chance to attend an evening at Cafe Oto later this year, curated by Simon Reynell (label-runner of Another Timbre) and featuring the Murmuration Ensemble. An excerpt from Fields Have Ears 4, one of Pisaro’s compositions available on Another Timbre, is embedded below.

In other news (tangentially related via the ever-expanding influence of John Cage), I’ve recently been chatting to Rob Hayler about some of the keen-eared and brilliantly imaginative sound recordists I’ve been steadily getting obsessed with this year. He’s re-edited some of our conversation into a post on his excellent radio free midwich blog. Have a click, have a read, have a listen.

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May 2nd, 2012 | by | Published in Blog