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Bang the Bore XIV: Unexpected Error
Featuring: Stephen Cornford, Hákarl & Jason Williams, Barnabas Yianni, Mouthful of Worms, Seth Cooke & Greta Pistaceci, Clive Henry, Verity Spiders and Amniotic

7pm – 10pm, Saturday 14th July 2012
John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ
Free entry/donations gratefully accepted

A thematic accompaniment to the John Hansard Gallery’s Torsten Lauschmann exhibition – which “celebrates glitches and out-takes, bits in between and images that might be easy to ignore” – Bang the Bore’s fourteenth event is themed around error, noise, malfunction and the breakdown of form, whether those things exist in fine detail that goes unnoticed, quick fixes for objects and ideas that never quite get fully repaired or intrusions and disturbances that most musicians try to minimise or remove.

Stephen Cornford
A multi-instrumentalist and sculptor, one of Cornford’s interests is “uncovering music within that which is apparently inanimate.” His sculpture problematises easy definitions of authorship and composition through assembling objects and processes that are left to play out either in perpetuity or to their own natural conclusion. His music utilises procedural strategies, amplification of what may otherwise be inaudible, feedback systems and a keen ear for improvisation. He also runs the excellent Consumer Waste CDr label with frequent collaboration Samuel Rodgers.

Hákarl & Jason Williams
Hákarl is an improvising guitarist/violinist and writer, applying techniques from classical form and sonic textural notions to improvised music. Jason Williams is a noise and improvising musician of long-standing and reputation, notoriously perverse and unrelenting in his capacity to disturb audiences. For this performance they’ll be marrying a amplified electric guitar transposition of JS Bach’s Chaconne (for solo violin) with improvised noise, injecting hard baroque formality with an assualt of modern sound.

Barnabas Yianni
Yianni has operated in a number of contexts – from crust punk to contemporary composition, improvisational contexts to avant-doom metal – and is a consistent antagonist of habitual musical practices. For John Hansard he’ll be performing a composition for electric guitar and circular saw, exploring the atrophy of sound-information in the spectral-harmonic presence of industrial equipment; a piece in which he tunes his guitar relative to tones created by the circular saw, interrogating the inevitable slippage of ‘pure’ tones created by imperfect equipment.

Mouthful of Worms
Mouthful of Worms is the solo project of Kevin Hough (thee Bald Knobbers), a stalwart Brighton-based promoter and musician. Using antiquated and dilapidated equipment, Mouthful of worms uses ageing cassettes of ‘teach yourself…’ language tapes, cut-ups of text all filtered through multiple acoustic filters of decay intuiting an uneasy disconnection between language and understanding.

Seth Cooke & Greta Pistaceci
Seth Cooke is an improviser who uses a waste disposal sink and circuit bent electronics; Greta Pistaceci is a sound artist and improviser who uses theremin and found objects. Both are interested in how music is shaped by performance strategies and the environment, whether that involves installations, on stage theatrics, altered states or taking performance and recording outside of conventional venues.

Clive Henry
A multi-instrumentalist whose recordings increasingly examine the imagined and horrifying dualism between mind and body, Henry uses noise, malfunction and disturbance in performance in a manner that preserves their awkward unpredictability and visceral energy. He also plays acoustic guitar.

Verity Spiders
Verity is perhaps foremost a poet, but is also a classical cellist, noise-maker and improviser on multiple instruments. She relates her poetry to the ‘New textural obscurity’ movement, engaging in syntax-cracking practices of enforced semiotic breakdown. For this performance she’ll be adumbrating herself with found-sound and noise recordings, further challenging the conventional reception of language-in-poetry.

Amniotic is the solo project of Johannah Henderson, a sound-artist and improvising musician who also plays in Mothers of the third Reich. Amniotic is a somnambulant conflagration of found-sounds, fractured melodies, text and other devices used to confuse and confound the listener’s expectation of song-forms.

Image courtesy of Hugh Manon.


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