Bang the Bore at Supernormal – line-up and times announced

August 6th, 2012 |  Published in Blog

We’re very excited to have our Supernormal line-up finalised and ready to be announced.

Supernormal is happening THIS WEEKEND and is very close to selling out – if you haven’t got your tickets yet, you really should do so about now-ish.

Bang the Bore line-up as a printable pdf

Bang the Bore at Supernormal – line-up


Kosmicheboy & Krishna, 1700, bar tent: Psyche wunderkind with projections

BtBarbershop quartet, evening, fireside: the quartet returns for a performance at the firelighting ceremony.

Society is Possible, 2000, Barn: Team Sports’ Matthew Lovett Krauty goodness with projections.

After the Rain, 2130, Barn: Southampton’s greatest musical explorers. A rare and not to be missed set.

Zero Map, 2200, Cinema tent: Run from After the Rain to catch Brighton’s finest psyche-drone merchants.


Pop-up shows and strangeness from the following will be happening at various points in the day:

Barnabas Yianni ensemble: Bristol’s troublemaker modern composer.
Team Sports: Wales’ finest environmental improvisers.
Bolide: Free skronking Brightonian merrypeople.
Thee Bald Knobbers: Between epiphanic sounds and audio terrorism.
Seth Cooke performs Michael Pisaro: Contemporary composition living in a field.

Discussion group, 1200-1600, Braziers drawing room: Kev BtB and Gill Supenormal present a series of discussions on political and philosophical matters surrounding the arts in 2012.

Plurals, 1315, Second Stage: Probably the best drone outfit in the country

Team Sports, 1600, Braziers terrace: another showing from BtB favourites.

The Mystery Lesson, 1700, Bar tent: Brighton’s favourite purveyor of the odd and the jazz-shaped.

Daniel Alexander Hignell, 1900, Cinema Tent: Punk-turned-sensitive sound artist provides soundtracks to self-made films.

Dead Pets Society, 2100-late, Bar Tent: Dancing, racket, fun and dressing up from BtB’s favourite disco humans.


Hákarl Hardcore, 1100, Bar tent: I’m going to play Happy Hardcore and you’re going to bloody well enjoy it.

Barn line-up, 1200-2000

12 tapes, 1200-1330: composed, recorded and performed by members of the forum.

Masterly and farewell, Cooke/ Henry/ Sanders trio, Petals, 1330-1430:
Back-to-back performances from three BtB stalwarts in 3 different settings.

Earth Creature, Nil, 1430-1530 : Storm and eye of the storm – two sides of the volume spectrum

Ad Hoc hour, 1600-1700: A short series of ensembles put together on a one-time-only basis from the BtB musician pool at Supernormal.

Barnabas Yianni ensemble, Pauline Oliveros’ tuning meditation, 1700-1800 : Composed music hour, featuring a new piece from Barnabas Yianni and an old piece from Oliveros.

BtB in association with Verity Spot of Iodine Press present Supernormal Poetry, 1800-2000: A bill of some of the most exciting new poets doing the rounds – Alan Hay, Luke Roberts, Frances Kruk, Tomas Weber, Justin Katko, Francesca Lisette, Verity Spamsung, Keston Sutherland, Connie Scozzaro.

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