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August 6th, 2012 |  Published in Blog

The splendid ErstDist are having a sale! Jon Abbey announced it last night on I Hate Music, even going as far as to post the above self-performed jingle. Here’s the sales pitch in full:

in order to raise some funds to pay the constant inflow of bills and keep the busy release schedule going (I am hoping to put out as many as 15-16 more releases by the end of 2013, between Erstwhile, ErstSolo, ErstLive, ErstAEU and Gravity Wave), I’m having an ErstDist sale, starting immediately and running through midnight EST on September 15th.

the way this will work is that you select 7 items, and you pay for 5, with the cheapest two of your choices being free. for every 5 you pay for, you get two free ones. this applies to everything that I stock, including Erstwhile releases, with the only exceptions being any new releases which have arrived since May 1 (as listed on the site), but besides that, everything I have in stock now is part of the sale. Erstwhile single CDs are $12, double CDs are $19. while any May/June/July/August/Sept ErstDist new arrivals are not part of the sale, they can of course be combined with a sale order to save shipping. as far as 2012 Erstwhile releases, 065 can be included in the sale, but 066-2, ES003-2, and EL009-012 cannot be, sorry.

anyone taking advantage of this sale, when you’re placing your order, please list your items in order from most expensive to least expensive. that will make it much easier for me to process, and figure out which items are free. thanks a lot!

the full catalog is on the web at:

there are explicit ordering instructions on that page, but please e-mail me at this address ( before sending a check or using PayPal, so that I can put aside your order for you and tell you the precise price including shipping charges, as I only have a few of many of these titles.

thanks a lot for reading and/or ordering. your support, as always, is both essential and deeply appreciated. thanks!

Admittedly you could see this as akin to those receipt vouchers that the Co-Op inflict upon you (who can spend in excess of £80 to get 10% off at the bloody Co-Op?), but if you’ve just had a windfall and have excellent taste in music then this should be your first port of call.

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August 6th, 2012 | by | Published in Blog