Tonight in Leeds – Annette Krebs & David Dove, Lee Patterson, After the Rain, Constanzo & Cooke

August 13th, 2012 |  Published in Blog

Krebs, Dove, Patterson

Full line up: David Dove & Annette Krebs (duo), After the Rain (trio), Rodrigo Constanzo & Seth Cooke (duo)

7.30pm – 11.00pm, Thursday 30th August 2012
Fox & Newt, 9 Burley Street Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS3 1LD
£4 on the door
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(As it turns out, this concert will also be my Leaving Leeds party. It falls a few days before Sara, Beatrice and I move down to the Bristol area. So swing by if you want to say “Bye!” – – Seth)

David Dove
David Dove’s trombone improvisations can be described as the sound of lips, breath, voice, and tongue, amplified through a brass tube. He is the director of Nameless Sound (formerly the Deep Listening Institute Houston), a ground-breaking non-profit program that teaches improvised music and listening skills to youth.

Annette Krebs
Annette Krebs has worked intensively in the crossover area between improvisation and composition, exploring the possibilities of the prepared guitar with regard to sound, structure, noise, the mixing of materials, and space. She currently resides in Berlin.

Lee Patterson
Lee Patterson is an improviser and sound artist who resides in Prestwich. Using a number of distinct approaches he has developed a new ‘voice’ for an accumulation of everyday objects and amplified devices, as well as original processes for live sound generation. He has an interest in ‘overlooked’ or hidden sounds with particular reference to landscape and ‘natural’ environments.

After the Rain
Michael Finnissy students and multi-instrumentalists Ignacio Agrimbau, Hossein Hadisi and Joe Kelly’s unique sound is a synthesis of all their numerous activities, as composers, improvisers, teachers, music therapists and ethnomusicologists. Their forthcoming debut album will be a joint release between Bang the Bore, their own ATField label and Phil Todd’s Memoirs of an Aesthete imprint.

Rodrigo Constanzo
Rodrigo Constanzo is a Spanish-American performer and composer living in Manchester, England. He is an avid improviser and performs regularly using home made electro-acoustic, and modified electronic instruments.

Seth Cooke
Seth Cooke is an improvisor, sound recordist, composer and percussionist who lives in Bristol, UK. He’s one of the janitors that keeps running.

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