Stuart Chalmers’ Amalgam: Bristol 9th Sep

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Ah Amalgam!
Orthodontic seal divine, matched so well in tone to tooth,
friend of sugary sensualist whose grin it spares metallic truth.

And yet, a material priced sadly beyond of the reach of so many of our number – poor, lowly, musicians we mostly are, hungrier even for audience than sucrose snacks.  So the silver toothed, yet sonorous, sugary sensualist dreams amalgam. The ripe irony of the blemished jaw of the noise maker, whose fixation is aural, not oral. Oh certainly, to the ear they are one,  yet to the eye they remain tragically distinct.  And so the longed for Amalgamic utopia, where this miraculous orthodontic putty serves all,  silently broadcasting its white lies in our service, blind to wealth, blind to dietary moralism. Oh, Amalgamagnificat!

While I’m singing its virtues, “Amalgam” is also, coincidentally, the name of a thoroughly marvellous series of nights run out of the Cube Cinema in Bristol by Oxford Improvisers regular and tape abuser Stuart Chalmers. Stuart’s nights bring together improvisers and experimental minded musicians from all areas and invites them to collaborate live. Thus far the musicians have included Ekoplekz, Dominic Lash, Stephen Cornford, Mark Durgan, Microdeform, and the nights have thrown up some genuinely great music that could only have happened this way. The next event includes electronicist Tom Bugs, drummer Tony Orrel, Turntablist Jake Wittlin and Bassist Andy Keep. I’m going and so should you. It’ll take your mind off the state of your teeth, you hideous monster.

Sunday 9th September / 8pm /£6 advance/ £7 on the door
Cube Bristol.

Amalgam brings together five local musicians of different backgrounds for a live collaboration/improvisation. In various combinations throughout the night the musicians may create sounds that cross through free jazz, noise, ambient electronics, musique concrete, electro-acoustic. Or they may not. Be a part of this experience.

Tony Orrell (Birdman of alkijazz) plays drums/percussion and has been active in Bristol since 1973. He is a responsive and accomplished improviser who has played in a variety of contexts that have included Adrian Utley, Keith Tippett and Goldfrapp.

Tom Bugs (Knowledge of bugs) is an instrument builder and the man behind Bugbrand. Using modular synths he creates wonderful analogue improvisations and has played live and run workshops all over Europe.

Andy Keep (Behaviour ensemble, code red) is a multi-instrumentalist and lecturer at Bath Spa.He uses pedals/contact mic/feedback to shape and explore electronic sounds. During the last 20 years he has played alongside John Butcher, David Byrne and has been part of Bristol groups Code Red and Earthling.

Jake Wittlin (Lund Quartet) is a turntablist, composer and producer. He is part of the group Lund Quartet where he skilfully scratches and manipulates samples.

Stuart Chalmers (Skarabee, tusk) uses old cassette tape technology and pedals. Under various names he has released albums on ZamZam, Fbox and the Lows and the Highs

should be a good night of improvising and musical boundary dissolving

please come down and support these musicians.

the Amalgam dreams of the

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