UPDATED: Significant Landscapes (programme now online) & Tombstones

October 18th, 2012 |  Published in Blog

Significant Landscapes

At the risk of coming across as fixated, Michael Pisaro’s name is cropping up again next month. Patrick Farmer is organising the Significant Landscapes event in Oxford, at which Pisaro’s extraordinary July Mountain (a sonified Wallace Stevens poem, consisting of twenty field recordings and over one hundred percussion parts) will receive its first public performance. UPDATE: you can download the (extensive!) programme HERE.

Around a month ago I was having a conversation with another BtB janitor about ways of creating politicised music without jumping the shark/nuking the fridge/doing a Cardew. As if by magic, that janitor emailed me the day after the conversation, making mention of Pisaro’s Tombstones, an LP out now on the HEM Berlin label, in which Michael Pisaro comes at the same question from a slightly different angle: “I began writing these pieces with a question in mind: What happens to old political songs?” Now first and foremost, this 12″ features a Pisaro reworking of One Day by UGK, which for this particular listener is like all their birthdays and Christmases coming at once (and reminds me of this old post from last year). Now all we need is Manfred Werder’s take on Big Pimpin’. You can read more via the link (as well as listen to some of it), but suffice to say that it’s excellent, and that maybe you should buy it. You should probably buy it.

Michael Pisaro - Tombstones

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October 18th, 2012 | by | Published in Blog