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A few months back I opened up a fairly minimal “text score”  for responses from posters on the Bang the Bore forum. The text score itself was called ACT, it was the product of a slow morning spent with scores by Cage, Brecht and others on my mind. I liked the idea of instructions that were at the same time very precise, carrying a tone and intent of their own – but very open.

I think in the text that came out of this (below) a great deal is left up to the respondent and the performances are very much the performers work – I’d consider my input minimal. Just an instigator as far as the response is concerned. All that was asked was that people thought about the text of the score and responded honestly and creatively while submitting to its fairly minimal conditions.

This piece is open to further submissions through the thread on the forum



For individual or group acting as one, and any musical or unmusical objects.

Perform a single, economical action.
Repeat, varying articulation as the action demands.
Continue until the action is resolved.

“does someone who says that the broom is in the corner really mean: the broomstick is there, and so is the brush, and the broomstick is fixed in the brush?”
(Wittgenstein Philosophical Investigations No 201)

All social life is essentially practical. All mysteries which lead theory to mysticism find their rational solution in human practice and in the comprehension of this practice”
(Marx’s eighth thesis on Feuerbach, Marx and Engels, 1977, p.122).

Submissions can be in any form.
Preparation is allowed, but no post processing/ clean up of any form


Seth Cooke’s response
Recorded at Left Bank, Leeds:
My single, economical action was to fill a container with ceramic tiles. I made two additional choices with the intention of making the audio recording more engaging for the listener; I documented the action in a large, resonant space (Left Bank Arts Centre in Leeds); and made as wide a variety of sounds as possible. In order to repeat the action – with varied articulation – within one take, you will also hear me emptying the box before filling it again.



Adam Denton’s Response
Performed on paper with a biro in the right hand and a ‘Sharpie’ in the left.)

Act by Adam Denton


Kev Nickells’ response:
Beneath self-evidence, (precisely ‘sub-‘ text), economy is rendered through transition and transubstantiation; rarification, scarcity, transport, platform etc, a multitude of discrete, tacit economies. If “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”, apparently transparent value is the eye of the storm.



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