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Here’s a fun new project from composer James Saunders – a sound map of the UK, where people find places at which fun sounds can be made in their environment. It’s open for anyone to take part.

From the Make Sound Here website:

MAKE SOUND HERE is a distributed sound project by James Saunders.

It presents a series of locations, submitted by anybody, at which sounds may be produced through various degrees of interaction with the environment.

Have a look at the map. If you find yourself near one of the locations, try to find it and make the sounds yourself.

If you find sounds to make, please contribute so that others can enjoy them too.

And here:

MAKE SOUND HERE is a distributed sound project which locates places where sounds can be made through interacting with the immediate environment. All the sounds are created through human interaction, rather than being ambient and always present. An example of an appropriate sound might be a resonant metal stair handrail which produces an interesting sound when struck. An example of an ambient sound might be wind whistling through a hole in a metal fence, which is always present when there is sufficient wind, and so would not form part of the project. All sounds documented in MAKE SOUND HERE need to be made by someone, and capable of being recreated by others visiting the location.

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