AMALGAM 14.12.2012. – Chalmers, Cooke, Hyde, Thibault, Watson

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AMALGAM 14.12.2012. - Chalmers, Cooke, Hyde, Thibault, Watson

Amalgam brings together five renowned local musicians of different backgrounds for a unique collaboration. In various combinations throughout the night the musicians meld sounds of drone, noise, ambient, musique concrete, electro- acoustic. Or something else completely.

Heloise Thibault (H) is a french musician who uses electronics and keyboards to create a music of blissful drones and ritualistic rhythms. She also runs the label Zamzam recordings.

Ian Watson is an artist and musician who uses oscillators, ipad and tapes to create noise with ambient/glitch tendencies. He also ran the label Phantomhead records.

Joseph Hyde is a composer and professor who works at Bath Spa. His background is in electro-acoustic music utilizing laptop/modular synths and has created striking pieces collaborating alongside video/dance.

Seth Cooke is percussionist, promoter and a creator of Bang the bore website. His accomplished junkyard improvisations use everyday objects and a steel waste disposal sink.

Stuart Chalmers is an improviser who manipulates cassette tapes and pedals. His music ranges from frentic collages to dark electro-acoustic soundscapes.

In the bar Jabu (young echo collective) will be spinning some dubby, radiophonic sounds till late.

Friday 14th Dec/ 8.30pm/ £6 advance/ £7 on the door


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