Tilbury, Patterson, Durrant, Drouin, Davies, Chang – Oto 160213

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Variable Formations - 160213 - Cafe Oto, London

From the SoundFjord website:

Improvisations and compositions played by different combinations drawn from six superb instrumentalists: John Tilbury (piano), Lee Patterson (amplified objects), Phil Durrant (electronics), Angharad Davies (violin), Jamie Drouin (electronics) and Johnny Chang (violin). Drouin and Chang are visiting London from Berlin, where they are both now based, and here meet four of the UK’s leading improvising musicians for the first time.

Johnny Chang is a violinist and composer who studied with Michael Pisaro in the USA and has lived in Berlin since 2009. He collaborates with numerous musicians across the world, is a member of the Wabdelweiser collective and curates the Konzert Minimal series in Berlin.

Jamie Drouin is a visual artist and improvising musician who recently moved from Canada to Berlin. He uses a small modular synthesiser and has developed a distinctive voice within electroacoustic music, playing with musicians such as Lucio Capece, Sabine Vogel and Lance Austin Olsen, with whom he co-runs the Infrequency Editions label.

John Tilbury is one of the best-known instrumentalists in contemporary music, widely respected both for his exquisite performances of piano scores by composers such as Feldman, Cage and Cornelius Cardew, and for his powerful improvisations both with groups such as AMM and as a soloist.

Angharad Davies is a violinist and composer who has quietly become one of the key figures on the UK improvised music scene. Extending the sound possibilities of her instrument, she plays with musicians such as Dominic Lash, Axel Dörner, Rhodri Davies and Taku Unami, as well as with contemporary music ensembles such as Apartment House.

Lee Patterson builds his own instruments, whose small sounds are amplified to produce an astonishing range of sonic textures. He has played and collaborated with musicians from all over the world including Vanessa Rossetto, Luke Fowler, David Toop, Sachiko M and Radu Malfatti.

Phil Durrant is an improviser / composer / sound artist who devises his own virtual performance ‘assemblages’ using Reaktor computer software and an iPad as a ‘surface controller’. He was a key figure in the ‘reductionist turn’ within improvised music at the turn of the century, and performs regularly with the Trio Sowari (with Bertrand Denzler and Burkhard Beins), and in the international electronic ensemble MIMEO.

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January 4th, 2013 | by | Published in Blog