Bang the Bore VIII – Improvisers and Improvisation

December 13th, 2010 |  Published in Blog

Bang the Bore VII: Mark Sanders, The A Band, Bolide, Powerdove, After The Rain

Featuring: Mark Sanders, The A Band, Bolide, Annie Lewandowski’s Powerdove and Ignacio Agrimbau’s After The Rain

Freewheeling and anarchic; a trial-by-fire proving ground; a laboratory in which ideas can be tested and refined; an exercise in breathing fresh life into stale structures; defiantly anti-commercial in its resistance to definitive versions and saleable material; the natural medium for subverting notions of order and control… improvisation can be all of these things and more. Join Bang the Bore in their celebration of the art of making it up as you go along.

6pm-10pm, Sunday 9th January 2011; The Hobbit, 134 Bevois Valley Road, Southampton, SO14 0JZ; Free entry/donations to pay the bands gratefully accepted; Click here for the full information and links to the bands.

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December 13th, 2010 | by | Published in Blog