The Annual Erstwhile February Sale

February 6th, 2013 |  Published in Blog

Jon Abbey has just announced the annual February Erstwhile sale on I Hate Music and via email. Here are the details:

below are the details for the annual February Erstwhile sale, in which I try to raise money to fund my releases for the new year. the prices are almost obscenely low if you buy six or more, basically wholesale level. thanks in advance for any and all support!


I’d like to announce a sale on all Erstwhile titles through the end of February, details as follows. please note: this does not apply to other items I distribute, just the Erstwhile catalog, although I’m happy to pack ErstDist purchases together to save shipping charges.

all single CDs are $10, doubles $17, the AVVA DVD $16, plus my shipping estimate. buy any 5 releases, get an additional single CD free. the AMPLIFY 2002: balance box set (which is running low) is still $100 plus shipping, but you also get two single discs of your choice included for free. the Rowe/Malfatti is $25, the EL005 box is $28, both plus shipping, and if you buy either of those plus three other discs, you get one more free. double CDs count as one item for the purposes of getting free additional discs.

sale ends last day of February and is only good for all-Erstwhile orders. no preorders will be accepted (the upcoming ErstAEUs are not included); this only applies to releases out now, and applies to all Erstwhile/ErstLive/ErstSolo/ErstPop titles. please e-mail me your orders ( before sending money so I can tell you the correct shipping charges to include.

the full catalog is listed at the link below, 004, 007, 010, 012, 014, 015, 021, 031 and EL004 are out of print. 016, 023, 029, 033-040, and 041 are all into their last 50 copies. some of those will be reprinted eventually, others will not (the box set will not). everything else I’ve got in ample quantities for now…


I again have a bunch of releases that I’m hoping to put out this year, which will depend on 1) getting them all finished and 2) having enough money to do so, so support via this sale or any ErstDist purchases is much appreciated as always. possible/hopeful 2013 releases, although the schedule may still move around some:

ErstAEU: Panzner/Stuart, Guthrie/Kamerman and Stephenson/Zarzutzki, all going to the printer this week and should be out around March 1

Erstwhile: Rowe/Lambkin, Lambkin/Lescalleet double, Beuger/Pisaro double, Hong Chulki/Ryu Hankil

ErstSolo: Keith-The Room Extended (an all-new recording in the 4 hour range, probably on a DVD-A)

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February 6th, 2013 | by | Published in Blog