Davies, Durgan, Chalmers, Disc – Cafe Kino, Bristol 21.03.13.

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Rhodri Davies | Mark Durgan | Stuart Chalmers | Dsic

Rhodri Davies | Mark Durgan | Stuart Chalmers | dsic
Café Kino | 108 Stokes Croft | Bristol | BS1 3RU
Thursday 21st March 2013 | £5

2012’s Wound Response (alt.vinyl) saw Rhodri Davies embracing the proven capability of distortion as a means of multiplying resonances, sonic and figurative, forged in a fleet-footed, serrated minimalism that carves out its own space between Tetuzi Akiyama, Mick Flower and Konono #1.

Mark Durgan’s self-made electronics present a tactile immediacy lacking in many of his contemporaries: current-made-palpable refracting into meticulously poised strata of miniscule sound events and manoeuvrable bass pressure.

With the foundations of his approach grounded in a near-paradoxical recontextualising of recorded media in free improvisation, Stuart Chalmers reworks cassette tapes alongside live treatments, percussion and electronics, locating a surprising versatility within seemingly static media.

Capable of serving up the expected hellish aural abrasion with aplomb – yet often alongside miniatures of low key crackling bitdust and alienated code-tone, achieving weirdly poignant effect – disc’s Greg Godwin also runs LF Records, Bristol’s finest imprint of niche audioweird.


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February 19th, 2013 | by | Published in Blog