Toshiya Tsunoda – O KOKOS TIS ANIXIS (Grains of Spring)

March 25th, 2013 |  Published in Blog

Here’s an excellent double CD set from Toshiya Tsunoda in which excerpts, ranging in duration from short to minute, are extracted from and looped within remarkably clear field recordings. It’s an effect with which listeners who spend a lot of time with skipping CDs/records will be very familiar: the manner in which a loop spotlights timbral detail, that by cutting into the material of a track and replaying tiny slices you can show the grain of the sound in ways that might otherwise be missed (at some point, some smart cookie will realise that focusing on this area is probably the only truly workable strategy for reconciling hip hop with many kinds of music that appear to be diametrically opposed).

The details on which Tsunoda chooses to focus are made apparent by his titling:

disc 1:

1. the sounds of small fruits falling in the grass as the wind shook the tree.
2. the sequence of the chirp sounds of a bush warbler.
3. the various events happening in the temple precincts in the mountain.
4. the echoed sounds in a vacant lot as the night fell gradually.

disc 2:

1. the sounds of three branches falling down on a tin roof of a small roadside shrine.
2. the high-pitched sounds that occurred momentarily when the tree branches rustled as the wind shook the tree.
3. the sounds happening in a pond and its surroundings.
4. the sounds of ashes bursting in the fire built by fishermen.

Sadly there are no online excerpts available for this particular work, but there are plenty of clips on YouTube if you fancy taking a listen to some of his previous recordings. It’s available now from these distributors and is highly, highly recommended.

ErstDist (USA)
Metamkine (EU)
Ftarri (JP)


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March 25th, 2013 | by | Published in Blog