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Yann Leguay · Quasi Static Crack Propagation

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Yann Leguay · Quasi Static Crack Propagation

Brussels-based sound artist Yann Leguay is a true media saboteur. He appropriates industrial machinery for the playback of musical media (using an angle grinder to perform the live destruction of a microphone or to playback a CD at dizzying speed) with flagrant disregard for the accepted norms of audio behaviour. His back catalogue is equally deviant, releasing a 7” single without a central hole and a record composed from recordings of vinyl being scratched by scalpel. His Phonotopy label proposes a conceptual approach to recording media and he curates the DRIFT series on the Artkillart label which overlays several grooves onto a single record, causing randomised playback.

His Consumer Waste CD presents a catalogue of audio media. Amplifying and recording CD players, tape recorders and DAT machines with a wide range of pickups, Leguay finds uncompromising electro-mechanical music in the playback functions of these devices. This stark machine-vision magnifies the vibrations of spinning discs and electromagnetic activity, the incidental music produced within the machines that usually reproduce it. The CD is accompanied by a 16-page booklet presenting a visual dissection of the same machines that were used in the recording of the album.

Stephen Cornford & Patrick Farmer · a measure of ground<

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Stephen Cornford & Patrick Farmer · a measure of ground

Although they have worked together for almost four years Stephen Cornford and Patrick Farmer had never worked as a duo until recording this collection of brutalist field recordings at the IN/from the out symposium in Manchester last year. Using a single piezo contact microphone and cassette dictaphone, they scoured the site for materials to produce these recordings in a two day period. The necessary translation of these recordings from cassette to computer and back to cassette has endeavoured to retain the quality of the original recordings, reflecting their interest in the abstraction of source materials through the recording process.

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