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A late contender for one of the finest records of 2013. Pisaro’s latest is about as elegant in conception and execution as you can get, yet you’ll never hear it the same way twice. An Alvin Lucieresque exploration of a single psychoacoustic phenomenon, the sheer physicality of this record is breathtaking. It almost seems to convert the home stereo into a quadrophonic system, throwing sound around the room, changing constantly with relation to the listener’s position. Highly recommended.

“This record consists of four crotales, each bowed for 16 minutes. Against each crotale I have placed sine tones, one after another, for four minutes each (four for each crotale note). The score gives 10 possibilities for each crotale (over the two octave range of the instrument there are 250 possibilities). Greg selected four instruments, and then sent me the recordings. I took some time to select and scale the volume of the sine tones, work with the stereo balance and mix each crotale/tone combination in a slightly different way.

What emerges from the vast possible selection is four connected pieces, working their way up in range, each having a distinct profile, structured perhaps with a distant echo of a four movement symphony.”

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November 22nd, 2013 | by | Published in Blog, Reviews