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Twelve Tapes

Bang the Bore – a loose collective of occasionally likeminded individuals involved in creating, organising and promoting experimental and improvised music – is five years old in 2014.

As part of our anniversary celebrations we’re extending an open invitation to field recordists, musicians and any other potentially interested parties to contribute to our collaborative composition for sine waves and recordings of car parks, Twelve Tapes. The piece deals with both physical sound phenomena and ideas of audio culture, using the action of imperfect cassette recorder playback to create immersive clouds of hovering tone from pure sine waves, and at the same time referencing the cassette’s place in DIY cultural history and its links to in-car audio and car-park gatherings.

The contributions we’re asking for involve making thirty minute stereo field recordings of a sine wave in enclosed, multi-storey or underground car parks. We require between twelve and twenty four of these recordings, although we only expect participants to submit one each (although you can submit as many as you like).

The link below contains two downloads:

– The score, which provides instructions for recording the requested material alongside guidelines for how the recordings will be used in performance.
– A sound file recording of the sine wave we’d like played back into the space.

The work will be performed at least twice during 2014. One planned performance will take place at Bristol’s Arnolfini Gallery, during which we will document the work (both in performance and a publication detailing its history and construction). We will keep contributors informed of performances, documentation and releases of the piece and credit your contribution throughout.

The deadline for submissions is 1st May 2014. For the purposes of this instantiation of Twelve Tapes we are seeking digital submissions only. Please also include a brief note that includes the location of your chosen car park(s) and how you would like to be credited.

Please email us at bangthebore (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like to take part, or if you have any questions.

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