Bevan, Kilymis, Bennett – Cafe Kino, 20/06/2014

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Three solo sets from saxophonist Tony Bevan, and electronicists Kostis Kilymis and Daniel Bennett

Tony Bevan is an improvising virtuoso on soprano and tenor saxophones, but perhaps is best known for his work on the bass saxophone, on which he is probably Britain’s only major modern performer (“the world’s greatest improvising bass saxophonist” – Timeout). He is closely linked with the late Derek Bailey, with whom he appeared and recorded many times, as well as with free jazz legend Sunny Murray, with whom, along with John Edwards, he has been playing with for more than a decade, releasing a number of award winning recordings and appearing in Antoine Prum’s award winning film “Sunny’s Time Now”. In 2011 he curated a 3 day festival with Prum on British improvised music, which was filmed and, following much more filming in the UK, serves as the basis for the film “Taking the Dog for A Walk”, which will be premiered at the East End Film Festival in London on the 24th of June this year. His playing covers all bases from rock group Spiritualised to composer Luc Ferrari, with the likes of Barre Phillips, Matthew Bourne, Joe Morris, Marc Ribot and Tony Buck of The Necks in between. He runs the Foghorn label.

Kostis Kilymis works on audio feedback systems and re-presentation. His practice touches upon music, performance, installation work and video — developed using a mixture of electronic and acoustic approaches. He has collaborated with musicians such as Lucio Capece, Nikos Veliotis, Leif Elggren, Phil Julian, Sarah Hughes and Patrick Farmer. He also runs the Organized Music from Thessaloniki music label.

Daniel Bennett is a Bristol based musician and co-organiser of the Bang the Bore and Several 2nds events. He has written music for theatre and installation and played guitar in the noise rock band Hunting Lodge (not the industrial duo of the same name). He now records solo as Skjølbrot (; plays in the improvising group Aigon DAAC with Dominic Lash and Stuart Chalmer, has a duo recording with Stephen Cornford forthcoming, and writes promotional texts in the third person.

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