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Luciano Maggiore
Dan Bennett & Miguel Prado
My Tape Archive / Attacked by Wolves
£6, 8pm Wed 4th March
Cafe Kino

Luciano Maggiore (Palermo 1980) lives and works in Bologna. Active musician in the field of electroacoustic music, in recent years he has developed a strong interest in the mechanisms of sound diffusion, using speakers and several analogue and digital devices (walkmans, CD players, tape recorders) as principal instruments. His interest is focused on the architectural and psychoacoustic as well as dynamic and directional values of sound with a strong emphasis on fixed sounds. He regularly plays in duo with Francesco Brasini and Enrico Malatesta. His works are published by Balloon & Needle, Boring Machines, Consumer Waste, Palustre, Senufo editions, 1000Füssler, Triscele Registrazioni and Tulip records.

Daniel Bennett is a Bristol based musician and a co-organiser of the Bang the Bore and Several 2nds events. He has written music for theatre and installation and played guitar in the noise rock band Hunting Lodge. He records solo as Skjølbrot ( and plays in the improvising group Aigon DAAC with Dominic Lash and Stuart Chalmers. Duo record with Stephen Cornford forthcoming. Tonight performing with Miguel Prado on computer, prepared speaker and stylus.

Miguel Prado is a Galician “composer/theorist/ provocateur” (Byron Coley, The Wire) based in Bristol, UK. Since 2007 he has released a number of solo works, and has worked together with artists such as Mattin, Stephen O’Malley, Michael Pisaro and Jozef Van Wissem.

My Tape Archive
 is the project name of artist Matt Davies who for the last decade has been collecting and using reel to reel machines and 16mm projectors as a visible component in his installations. As a consequence of this he has amassed a vast assortment of tapes and found films. My Tape Archive is a survey of the artist’s own collection, exploring this fascinating content.

Attacked by Wolves
 – AKA George McKenzie, of constantly collapsing Bristolian postrocky indie legends Headfall and xylo-hypno-un-rock band Motes, plus many more creations besides. Tonight in a duo with Matt Davies, they will be combining 16mm projections with manipulated 1/4″ tape loops.

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February 28th, 2015 | by | Published in Blog