Sheets of Easter Everywhere

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Sheets of Easter Everywhere - Furniture Records

Presenting, for your enjoyment, the first two volumes of Furniture Records’ tape compilation series, Sheets of Easter Everywhere – cassette releases devoted entirely to cover versions of Oneida’s Sheets of Easter. There were originally supposed to be six editions in the series. The releases were delayed and I moved house after the second came out, forgetting to tell Furniture Records my new address. I don’t think Furniture still exist, I don’t know whether volumes three to six exist (I doubt it) and I don’t know how many of the featured bands still exist. I don’t own this music, so if you do own it and want me to take it down then please, let me know.

Sheets of Easter Everywhere – Volume 1 (mp3)
Sheets of Easter Everywhere – Volume 1 (wav)
Sheets of Easter Everywhere – Volume 2 (mp3)
Sheets of Easter Everywhere – Volume 2 (wav)

A number of factors have prompted me to rip, upload and post these tapes. I’m moving house again and finding things (you wouldn’t believe how many releases I own by Clive Henry and Kevin Sanders/Petals). I mentioned the tapes on Facebook and a number of people wanted to hear them. They serve as an excellent document of a vague, underdocumented international scene of sorts. And I’m at a point where I’m reassessing Bang the Bore in general and what I want it to be about, and these tapes represented some key early inspiration for the kinds of projects I originally wanted BtB to facilitate. Due to a combination of factors that emphasis became lost, and as a result we’ve spent too long just promoting shows.

Hope you enjoy the music. There are photos of the artwork in the above downloads, and full list of contributors below:

Volume 1 – Side A
Old Nate
Parts & Labor
Dick Price
Diamond Caverns

Volume 1 – Side B
Oh, Beast!
DJ Sony Playstation
Jana Hunter
A Pink Cloud
The Coke Dares

Volume 2 – Side A
Pit Er Pat
Monster Dudes

Volume 2 – Side B
Fireworks Ensemble
DJ Stockhausen
S.KK Lovenhoof

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July 29th, 2015 | by | Published in Artifacts, Blog