Daniel Bennett & Stephen Cornford – Fellfield Draff

January 18th, 2016 |  Published in Blog

Daniel Bennett & Stephen Cornford – Fellfield Draff

We finished this about March 2014, so I’m very pleased to see it finally out in the world. You can hear a bit of the record below, combined with something to look at: namely Stephen destroying the innards of a digital camera, and me making some kind of shape from the results.
Should you feel provoked to acquire a physical copy – perhaps to show your neighbours – ownership can be achieved at this link:

1. Fell [6:29]
2. Field [9:35]
3. Draff [16:08]

Daniel Bennett – electronics, software
Stephen Cornford – electronics, objects

Recorded & constructed in Bristol 2013-2014
Mastered by Joe Panzner
Artwork by Daniel Bennett

HR10 [Hideous Replica]
CD edition of 100, 2015

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January 18th, 2016 | by | Published in Blog