Andrew Woodhead:Electronics, Dominic Lash & Hannah Marshall:Bass & ‘Cello, Tina Hitchins: Flute/electronics to “Calve” by Ben Trinkle

July 4th, 2016 |  Published in Blog

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Andrew Woodhead – Solo Electronics

Dominic Lash & Hannah Marshall Duo – Bass & ‘Cello
Tina Hitchins – Flute and Electronics. A Score to ‘Calve’ – a film by Ben Trinkle

Andrew Woodhead: Named as “One To Watch” in Jazzwise magazine and winner of the 2014 Dankworth Prize for Jazz Composition, Andrew Woodhead is establishing himself as one of the leading figures of Birmingham’s thriving Jazz/Creative Music scene. His music draws from a range of influences and musical traditions, from his early Choral and Classical Piano training to a later love of Jazz, Post-Rock and Avant-Garde.

Domninic Lash: “endless efforts to veer left of every known note or chord”
James Costelloe, Newcastle Journal

“explosive bass-strumming”
John Fordham, The Guardian

“almost vertiginous contrasts … a master of the extreme”
Paul Medley, Oxford Times

Hannah Marshall: “Ask your ears :] Exploring sonic territories and visiting musical antipodes, demonstrating an esoteric approach to instrumentation that is truly unique”- DreamCraeft recommendation

“sublime technical abilities…she reinvents melodic lines, provides spectacular harmonic intervention” – Raul D’Gama Rose

Tina Hitchens: Calve is a film and music collaboration made by Ben Trinkle and Tina Hitchens. The work will receive it’s first performance at the Bristol Experimental Music & Film Weekender in early July. Beginning from a shared interest in fragmented repetition, Calve is an exploration of the interference arising from the animation of Ben’s previously static images and Tina’s part-composed responses using flute and electronics.

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July 4th, 2016 | by | Published in Blog