Mark Durgan

March 2nd, 2011 |  Published in Artifacts, Blog

Mark Durgan (Putrifier) at Bang the Bore VII from Our Brand Spanking New Bang The Bore Vimeo Group!

With the assistance of our Bristol wing, Bang the Bore’s video editing problems slowly seem to be coming to an end. Here are the first fruits: a two-minute excerpt of Mark Durgan’s sublime performance at last Halloween’s Bang the Bore VII – In Praise of Instrument Builders. This was probably the best performance of its type I’ve seen; unhurried, sensuous and crystal clear, with every sound kept beautifully separate from and held in precisely balanced tension with the others. Hope you enjoy the clip.

Meanwhile, Richard Pinnell has written a complimentary review of last Monday’s Resonance and Psychogeography event for his Watchful Ear blog. Believe it or not this is the first review we’ve ever had of one of our events, so we’re going to act bashful, look at the floor and shift our feet around.

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March 2nd, 2011 | by | Published in Artifacts, Blog