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Hákarl (communion) – reflections on a 36 hour performance.

Rather than let the memories disappear into the mental flotsam cabinet marked ‘stupid things I once did’, Kev Nickells asked everyone involved to write down some reflections on their experience of the Hákarl communion’s 36-hour continuous performance at the 2011 Supernormal festival.

Interview with Rhys Chatham

Rhys Chatham is probably best-known for his multiple-guitar minimalist masterpieces, marrying apparent simplicity to high-academic tonal theory, though his most recent record (Outdoor Spell) shows him holding up against in a brain-melting array of trumpet-based loops.

RIP Joey Chainsaw

Joey wasn’t someone I knew terribly well, but it still saddened me to learn of his passing recently. He was one of those people who keeps the underground ticking – endlessly enthusiastic about finding and disseminating weird rackets from around the globe. Last time I spoke to him he was raving about some Japanese Psych […]

Form and (free) improvisation

Free improvisation relies upon a hardy few to preserve it on record, and techniques are passed within private, infrequent conversations between players. 50 years from now, will this be enough to preserve the music?

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