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  • Jan 3, 2014
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Fataka Sale…

The Fataka label is having a 3-for-2 January sale: three for the price of two on all CDs throughout January 2014! There’s some great-looking discs to pick up, including duos and trios featuring: John Butcher, Evan Parker, Eddie Prevost, Mark Sanders, Ikue Mori, John Edwards, Okkyung Lee, Matthew Shipp and on and on… I ordered some a […]

  • Nov 24, 2013
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  (Photo by M. Sweet.)   …and, of course, you need your money too: so here goes… I’ll confess that I’m someone who rarely gets excited about Kickstarter projects and the like: “Give us fifty quid and we’ll give you a copy of the album we’re recording…” – its not massively inspiring. But perhaps I […]

  • Nov 22, 2013
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Tonight! – Tim Parkinson plays Wolff, Newland, Nishikaze and… Parkinson.

22nd November 2013, 7pm Tim Parkinson – piano Christian Wolff – 6 Nocturnes/For John (& Erik Satie) (2007) Written, along with Material, as part of “For John”, a collaborative piece made with David Behrman, John King and Takehisa Kosugi, in honour of John  Cage. Each page is one nocturne. The 5th is for David Behrman, for his 70th birthday. The sixth for […]

  • Nov 7, 2013
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Canary Records

 Canary Records is the love-labour of Ian Nagoski, a lover of 78’s who strives diligently to preserve ancient voices and discs. He first came to my attention after Tompkins Square released his jaw-droppingly beautiful compilation: “To What Strange Place: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora 1916-29.”  Aided and abetted by the similarly minded Mississippi Records, Nagoski has […]

  • Jun 19, 2013
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Two Different Angles On The Record Industry

  I very recently acquired two compilations, both full of great tracks and both raising very interesting and pertinent issues.   The first, “Enjoy The Experience – Homemade Records 1958-1992” is a fantastic double album of tracks from american private pressings. To quote some words from the accompanying booklet: ““The recordings collected here are artifacts […]

Amplified Gesture – Revised And Re-issued…

AMPLIFIED GESTURE – A FILM BY PHIL HOPKINS “Amplified Gesture was first released in 2009, within the deluxe edition of David Sylvian’s groundbreaking album, Manafon. The film explores the journeys and philosophies of a select group of experimental musicians including Keith Rowe, Evan Parker, Eddie Prevost, Otomo Yoshihide, Toshimaru Nakamura and Christian Fennesz. Intimately and […]

Last Days For The Another Timbre Deal!

As previously stated, charging to the post-xmas sales is most clearly downright evil; undignified, even. However, we can always allow a little leeway for a favourite label… Its a simple deal: you get some fantastic releases from a fantastic label, and a fantastic label gets yr hard-earned money so that it can release more fantastic […]

Lay Down Thy Credit Cards Upon The Feast Of Saint Stephen

On this most spend-y/fox-hunt-y day of the year, let us instead endeavour to do anything but spend or hunt foxes.

BtB 12/12 #4: clive henry – XVI – September 2012 – the cage

The fourth contribution to Bang the Bore’s 12/12 project – clive henry – XVI – September 2012 – the cage – will be streamable and downloadable until the end of October 2012.

Phrenology, Winchester, Tonight!

29th September 2012 7:00pm The Railway 3 St. Pauls Hill, Winchester. S022 5AE Petrels Petrels is London-based musician Oliver Barrett (Bleeding Heart Narrative/Grapefruits). Debut album ‘Haeligewielle’ was released on Tartaruga Records in April, combining bowed strings, discarded electronics, sporadic percussion and occasional vocals; “frighteningly claustrophobic but exultant in a beautifully understated way… monstrous arvo part-isms […]

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