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3 Electroacoustic Duos – Bristol, Cafe Kino this Saturday

Very excited about this. Come down, say “Hi!”, see some fantastic music, and maybe take the opportunity to sample some of Kino’s rather excellent food. Phil Julian & John Macedo Mark Durgan & Stephen Cornford Clive Henry & Stuart Chalmers 7:30pm £6 Phil Julian is best known in his Cheapmachines guise, which has been releasing […]

#1 #1 #1

Here’s Jame’s Saunders’ short video documenting the first half of our inaugural performance of the inaugural piece in his location composite series – a projected series of pieces developed by interaction with the geocacheing community. The score, which can be found here is, I think, really quite lovely – and a quick glance will tell […]

Stuart Chalmers’ Amalgam: Bristol 9th Sep

Ah Amalgam! Orthodontic seal divine, matched so well in tone to tooth, friend of sugary sensualist whose grin it spares metallic truth. And yet, a material priced sadly beyond of the reach of so many of our number – poor, lowly, musicians we mostly are, hungrier even for audience than sucrose snacks.  So the silver toothed, […]


Side A | Analog System | “His face is turned toward the past” | Tape Noise  |Dematerialisation of the musical object  | Tshirts with cassettes on them  | Side B  | High Bias   | “…would like to stay, awaken the dead, and make whole what has been smashed.”  | materialist counter-insurgancy  | Memorex  | […]

Lurrvly Jurg Frey Performance

I just stumbled across a link to this very quite, very patient, but oddly epic piece by Jürg Frey – a name associated with the influential Wandelweiser group of composers that includes Michael Pisaro and has links to improvisers like Radu Malfatti and, more peripherally, long running holders of the coveted title Dan’s Favourite Band […]


Horrible title. Horrible, horrible title… Moving on – and back to the discussions provoked here and elsewhere by Simon Reynolds’ Retromania – I’ve just been alerted to the fact that Reynolds’ book references an article on Lil Wayne and MP3 culture by Matthew Cole, published in a web-mag I used to run with my friend the poet and […]

New Issue of Mute – Double Negative Feedback

We’re a bit behind on this one, it’s been out nearly a month, but I only just spotted it. Mute is reliably one of the best reads around and this issue is particularly snazzy. What first caught my eye was the interview with Graham Harwood about his exhibition Coal Fired Computers – which aims at […]

John Butcher on the “Free” in “Free” Improv

Just a quick post -I wanted to share this excellent piece by sax giant John Butcher on a fairly under (though fairly often) examined point – how free is free improvisation, and why? Freedom is such a broad word – it has a variety of meanings and powerful associations – the freedom of John Coltrane’s […]

Urbanomic Summer Auction

The consistently interesting Urbanomic organisation – publishers of the journal Collapse, and commissioners of Florian Hecker’s excellent Speculative Solution – are having a summer auction. I’m willing to guess that a lot of you reading don’t have a whole lot of spare “art money” hanging around so you might not be bidding, but there’s some […]

Odd Future Retro

Responding to Simon Reynold’s piece Retromania in this month’s Wire magazine Dan Bennett asks whether internet culture is really killing off the importance of the album, or just changing it.

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