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Hail Janus!

Well, another year approacheth. Joy. To ease the pain, here’s a free album for your perusal. It features one minute long tracks from people associated with the Choke forum, based in Bristol. Amongst the names are a few BTB forum persons, including joinedbywire, dsic, littlecreature, magical parents, B.Yianni and hakarl. If you don’t like something, […]

Merry Christmas from Bang the Bore

A whole haul of Christmas treats this year. First of all: the above video, which actually made me laugh out loud when the double kick drums started. Secondly, I received Stephen Grasso’s outstanding ‘A Voodoo Christmas in South Norwood’ mix CD in the post yesterday. He’s been posting the tracks one by one on his […]

Portsmouth’s Shndg

deepkiss720 @ SHNDG vs Southsea Fest from shndg uk on Vimeo. Taking advantage of the fact that our very own Little Creature is temporarily offline (computer death), I thought I’d take a second to offer up my favourites clips from Portsmouth’s Shndg event, including his bunny costume (pyon). Little Creature @ SHNDG vs Southsea Fest […]

Farm Hall Transmissions

In this season of goodwill, here’s some extremely harsh noise courtesy of Mr Malaise of Portsmouth’s Angels & Demons. The project takes its name from Operation Epsilon, during which ten scientists suspected of working on Germany’s nuclear weapons program were detained at Farm Hall in Godmanchester for six months between 1945 and 1946.. There’s lots […]

Seth Cooke & Ignacio Agrimbau

Seth Cooke and Ignacio Agrimbau’s collaboration wove electronics, percussion, shruti boxes and flutes into a slow-burning improvisation that placed more emphasis on atmosphere than narrative.

Goodnight, Captain

Very sadly, Don Van Vilet –  more popularly known as Captain Beefheart – has died at the age of 69 from complications from multiple sclerosis. His passing was announced today by the Michael Werner Gallery in New York, which has had a long association with the artist. I am sad beyond words. 15th January 1941 […]

Cementimental, Paris au ÔXIII, 05.11.2010.

A recent and rather excellent clip of Cementimental to tide patient people over until the machine elves make magic moving pictures materialise from out of my black boxes (translation: the software that came with my video camera won’t work, so I’ve upwardly delegated the task to a much cleverer person with even less free time […]

Bang the Bore VIII – Improvisers and Improvisation

Featuring: Mark Sanders, The A Band, Bolide, Annie Lewandowski’s Powerdove and Ignacio Agrimbau’s After The Rain Freewheeling and anarchic; a trial-by-fire proving ground; a laboratory in which ideas can be tested and refined; an exercise in breathing fresh life into stale structures; defiantly anti-commercial in its resistance to definitive versions and saleable material; the natural medium […]

ATP: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Curated By Godspeed You! Black Emperor, or: Lift Yr Skinny Wrists Like Antennas to Lemons

Thoughts on the weekend of the 3rd, 4th and 5th of December; at Minehead Butlins. Your intrepid reporter had better things to do than carry a camera around, hence his report is decorated with everyday tales from in and around a lemony chalet. I massively resent ATP, for various reasons which are both reasonable and […]

Paolo Angeli’s Tibi

Trailer for Paolo Angeli’s frankly astounding CD/DVD ‘Tibi,’ on which the Italian guitarist, improviser and composer soundtracks Nanni Angeli’s photographs documenting the creation of the Sardinian prepared guitar.  Enjoy.