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Long Time Coming

Interesting recent video from the superb Long Now Foundation website in which Stewart Brand and Jem Finer discuss the logistics of writing the Longplayer, a 1,000 year long composition.  Along the way you get to hear their thoughts on change ringing, algorithmic composition, the ways in which we conceptualise time and some anecdotes about Brian Eno […]

Close Your Ears

The latest chapter of one of my favourite ongoing debates: Guardian music critic Alex Ross on why audiences seem more ready to accept experimental avant garde art than experimental avant garde music.  Some of the comments give interesting food for thought… my two cents are that most musicians involved in making weird music don’t have much […]

Quamvis Sum Parva

Winchester’s Carolyn Bullen layers thickly textured drones using singing bowls, gongs and feedback.  Nominally a solo operation, in practise Quamvis Sum Parva performs as a family, with Bang the Bore soundman and Baku Bankai/Ni Dieux Ni Maitre mainstay Izaak Bullen and long-time Hampshire weird-ass gig omnipresence Chris Bullen chipping in on various devices.  The performance […]

Ashtray Navigations

Classic British psychedelia from Phil Todd and Mel Delaney, mainstays of the UK DIY underground for longer than anyone can care to remember. Frazzled guitar freakouts, keyboard wah-wah and solemn drum machines map out a kind of grimy bedsit transcendental experience for Doley Crowleys (Occultists on Welfare).  In the words of James Blackshaw: “Sub-aquatic synth […]