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Bang the Bore IX: Resonance and Psychogeography

Time flies. It’s been a while since any of us associated with Bang the Bore have put this much forward planning into an event, and we think it’s going to be a night to remember. When Clive and I first started talking about putting on events in Southampton, John Butcher was one of the first […]

A new home for Ashtray Navigations

Indefatigable Stoke-via-Leeds guitar hero Phil Todd and electronic-frying noise cohort Mel Delaney have a brand spanking new site up for Ashtray Navigations.  There’s plenty of news about new releases up already… this is one monster that just keeps churning out the tunes.  Look out for our AshNavs article in the coming weeks, too…

Remnants from the Barbelith Underground

Those of you who have been kicking around message boards and community forums for a little while may remember the Barbelith Underground, a now sadly defunct/barely functioning reflection of its glorious former self.   In years to come it might be recognised as something truly unique/influential… these days it’s a bit of a sad ghost […]

The Glossolinguist

From Charismatic Christianity to avant garde performance strategies, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Reichian psychotherapy to possession phenomena, Seth Cooke navigates a bizarre path through the strangeness that arises when you give up control of your voice.


If Aleister Crowley, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe and John Dee formed a band then this would be the result. London’s Graan will crush your spirit with deafening static, claustrophobic low end, blasphemous ranting and monomaniacal pursuit of The Riff, before passing out in your flat and pissing on your carpet.

It only takes a minute…

Two pieces of news relating to the Journal of the Belgae Folk Club label… first of all, there’s a new release by Dave Phillips available, of which you can listen to an excerpt here. Secondly, Belgae organiser and Bang the Borer martin_p is running an open collaboration in which anyone can download, treat or accompany […]

Well Hello, Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year: its the Year of the Rabbit, which has associations of calm and peace. China is a country I’ve always found curious; my knowledge of it is pitiful, and part of my problem is that I feel that if I started to investigate it, I would never finish. It encompasses such […]