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Black Stepdad – Trancers 2

Black Stepdad – Trancers 2 from murray s ward on Vimeo. Originally conceived in a limited run of twenty VHS tapes (for Bang the Bore’s 20/20 project) Black Stepdad’s Trancers 2 is available to watch online via the above clip. The current plan is to collaboratively document the 20/20 project over the coming months, as […]

Magnus Spectrum

There are too many people called Richard Thomas making weird music. This one is an ex-pat Southamptoner turned Londoner, and in his guise as Magnus Spectrum he controls his vocalisations via a laptop, Nintendo Wii remote and self-written Max MSP patches that are so complex that he’s not totally sure how they work.

Andy Warhol: Artist Rooms in Southampton

A treat for readers in Southampton: between 27th March and 26th June the Hansard Gallery and Southampton City Art Gallery will be hosting Andy Warhol: Artist Rooms (on tour with the Art Fund), part of the 2011 national tour of modern and contemporary art held by Tate and National Galleries of Scotland. From the Art […]

William Bennett

William Bennett is one of the most intriguing figures operating in music today. As the only constant member of the UK’s seminal Whitehouse, he has been instrumental in influencing many subsequent subgenres of Noise and applied himself to exploring the extremities of sound, thematic material and performance for over thirty years. Bang the Bore caught up with him as he finalised the mixing of the long-gestating first album by his Cut Hands project to talk about (and around) issues of how musicians strategise their engagement with their art and audience.

The Karindula Sessions

THE KARINDULA SESSIONS from Crammed Discs on Vimeo. A link to David Solomon’s superb review of the forthcoming The Karindula Sessions: Tradi-Modern Sounds from South East Congo, a two disc CD and DVD set released 28th March on the excellent Crammed Discs label. I challenge you to watch the video and not put this album […]

Last of the Country Gentlemen

There’s only a few songwriters about whom I’m a little evangelical, and these days Josh T. Pearson doesn’t really need anyone to sing his praises. But I’m going to anyway. Let’s all enjoy Last of the Country Gentlemen until the adulation drives this bearded Texan back into the wilderness for the next decade. (Updated 17th […]

AMM Speak!

I’ve had a bit of a falling out with Improv over the last couple of years, particularly in its freer forms. It just doesn’t seem to work for me any more – particularly doing it, but increasingly whether I’m listening to it on record, or in the flesh (or at least 9 times out of 10 […]

Anonymity and Artlessness: The A Band (one-night) Festival

The Elevator Gallery in association with The Wire presents the first Anonymity And Artlessness festival of A Music – music by acts associated with The A Band. This is the wow sound of now, the underground of the underground, an experimental experience, a Charivari charade of charming charismatic characters. This is the future you haven’t […]

Keith Rowe and Sir Ian McKellen

Compare Keith Rowe, talking about interpreting the graphic score Treatise (start from 3:20)… … with Sir Ian McKellen, talking about his acting process … … enlightening. Oh, and Happy Birthday to me… 33 today.

Cementimental Presents the 1 Second ChipNoise Compilation

Download Link: Original Page: Discogs: Forum Thread: Many thanks to YouTube user 0101electromatic0101 for tagging the footage and providing all the links.