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Urbanomic Summer Auction

The consistently interesting Urbanomic organisation – publishers of the journal Collapse, and commissioners of Florian Hecker’s excellent Speculative Solution – are having a summer auction. I’m willing to guess that a lot of you reading don’t have a whole lot of spare “art money” hanging around so you might not be bidding, but there’s some […]

Odd Future Retro

Responding to Simon Reynold’s piece Retromania in this month’s Wire magazine Dan Bennett asks whether internet culture is really killing off the importance of the album, or just changing it.

Tom Bug’s Lost Hugs

A last minute cancellation at Bang the Bore VII last Halloween, coupled with the otherwise lovely Mr. Tom Bug’s disinterest in performing, inspired BtB hosts Clive Henry and Seth Cooke to form this one-off, very impromptu Bugbrand tribute duo.