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Bang the Bore X: Zone of Alienation

An accompaniment to Jane and Louise Wilson’s exhibition of photographs taken around the Chernobyl exclusion zone (which runs 12 July – 3rd September), Bang the Bore’s tenth event – their first at Southampton University’s John Hansard Gallery – presents music themed around nuclear energy in the context of the wider energy industry, culturally embedded fears, […]

Form and (free) improvisation

Free improvisation relies upon a hardy few to preserve it on record, and techniques are passed within private, infrequent conversations between players. 50 years from now, will this be enough to preserve the music?

Matt Loveridge

Multi-instrumentalist, methodological scavenger, relentless collaborator and man of a thousand aliases… no wonder Matt Loveridge can’t quite put it all into words.


Annie Lewandowski is a former member of The Curtains, collaborator with Deerhoof’s John Dietrich and has improvised alongside Fred Frith, Sylvia Hallett and John Butcher. Her Powerdove project uses improvisation to frame and inform her songwriting.

Give a man a fish…

… and he’ll eat for a day; teach him how to fish and he’ll become an out-of-control monster deploying trawlers to ravage the sea bed, destroy ecosystems, decimate fish populations and drive species to extinction. Let’s play Devil’s Advocate for a second. There often seems to be a taboo against sharing how-to information amongst musicians. […]

Bang the Bore X: a request for assistance!

In an attempt to beat the clock, Bang the Bore would like to ask for your help staging our tenth event, scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday 6th August at the Hansard Gallery in Southampton. To accompany Jane and Louise Wilson’s exhibition of photographs taken around the Chernobyl exclusion zone, we will be theming our […]

John Butcher on the “Free” in “Free” Improv

Just a quick post -I wanted to share this excellent piece by sax giant John Butcher on a fairly under (though fairly often) examined point – how free is free improvisation, and why? Freedom is such a broad word – it has a variety of meanings and powerful associations – the freedom of John Coltrane’s […]

Hákarl Communion’s 36 hour improvisation

The plan: six broken people play improvised music for thirty six unbroken hours The place: this year’s Supernormal Festival The personnel: Barn, Seth, Jamie, Huw, Clive and Kev/Hákarl The propaganda: ongoing blog for Hákarl (36 hours of Communion) Not only are there a few Bang the Bore associates involved in this event, it’s also exactly […]

Stewart Lee on Free Improvisation

Mr. Lee’s interest in the musical avant garde is well known by now (his love of The Fall was documented in a primer on the band for Wire magazine; he has performed of John Cage’s Indeterminacy with Steve Beresford and Tania Chen), but it’s still gratifying to see him make reference to figures such as […]

The A Band

It’s no overstatement to describe The A Band as the most perversely pervasive force in UK underground/DIY music. This performance at Bang the Bore VIII in Southampton on 9th January 2011, features members of The Zero Map, Hunting Lodge, Dogeeseegod and Mr. Magnus Spectrum himself.