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Bang the Bore X: Zone of Alienation

Bang the Bore X: Zone of Alienation Featuring variations on scores by Iannis Xenakis and Alvin Lucier and a performance of Frederick R.C. Clarke and Richard Granville Jones’ God of Concrete, God of Steel 7pm – 10pm, Saturday 6th August 2011 John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ Free entry/donations gratefully accepted An accompaniment […]

The Supernormal Festival needs your help!

Times are tough for music festivals. Almost across the board, festival tickets are selling poorly. And now, one of my favourite festival line-ups of the year is in danger of not happening. From the Supernormal website: “We need your help! Supernormal is in potential jeopardy. We are an unfunded project, entirely organised by volunteers. Ticket […]


Horrible title. Horrible, horrible title… Moving on – and back to the discussions provoked here and elsewhere by Simon Reynolds’ Retromania – I’ve just been alerted to the fact that Reynolds’ book references an article on Lil Wayne and MP3 culture by Matthew Cole, published in a web-mag I used to run with my friend the poet and […]

Free Rap & Open Hip Hop

Described on their website as “a must listen for anyone who even looked at a skateboard in the 90’s” (O_o), Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy’s Wugazi project – a collection of mash-up mixes of Fugazi with Wu-Tang Clan – is about as non-awaited as you can get. The latest in a deluge of fan fiction […]

The Supernormal Festival or The A Band’s Last Stand

There’s been some interesting chatter this week about the upcoming Supernormal Festival, mainly centred around this post on the festival’s live music line-up: “The A Band return to Supernormal after their unforgettable performance at last year’s festival for what is said to be their final ever performance! Not to be missed.” While admittedly the A […]

After the Rain

After The Rain (featuring Ignacio Agrimbau, Hossein Hadisi and Joe Kelly) make no distinction between low and high art, blurring influences that take in avant-garde western music, pop, anime themes, noise, free improvisation, experimental poetry and cabaret.

New Issue of Mute – Double Negative Feedback

We’re a bit behind on this one, it’s been out nearly a month, but I only just spotted it. Mute is reliably one of the best reads around and this issue is particularly snazzy. What first caught my eye was the interview with Graham Harwood about his exhibition Coal Fired Computers – which aims at […]