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Thoughts on fencing flatworm recordings, oTo, Rob Hayler, midwich and radiofreemidwich (Part 1)

In the first of our two-part investigation of Rob Hayler’s role in shaping the last decade of UK DIY music, bootlegger/blagger and Wire website tech guru Pete Coward reminisces on the skewed jigsaw puzzle of the ‘No Audience Underground’ that Fencing Flatworm Recordings and the oTo tape label presented to the world.

The Dagara Music Centre

A (very brief!) companion piece to Ignacio Agrimbau’s excellent analysis of the Dagara gyil tradition, this short video was filmed at the Dagara Music Centre in Medie, Ghana in April/May 2011.

Today, or: longevity, englishness and the word/music interface

September 21st is a day with a few births of interest. Firstly, we must bid many happy returns to Mr Sunny Murray – a man who helped revolutionise drumming. Quite simply, he asked the question: “Why should the drummer be restricted to a rhythmic role?”; and then proceeded to help lay waste to jazz conventions […]

RIP Joey Chainsaw

Joey wasn’t someone I knew terribly well, but it still saddened me to learn of his passing recently. He was one of those people who keeps the underground ticking – endlessly enthusiastic about finding and disseminating weird rackets from around the globe. Last time I spoke to him he was raving about some Japanese Psych […]

Abstraction by Shintaro Kago

Occasionally you’ll read something that makes you want to rush right out and repost it in as many places as possible. While being slightly off-message for a music site, this is definitely one of those times. As little said here as possible… it’s a difficult one to *spoil* as such, but it deserves to be […]

Tusk Festival

Newcastle’s Tusk Festival is looking to be a pretty nice draw in October. The line up’s pretty amazing, including Bill Orcutt, Cath & Phil Tyler, Chris Corsano & Dennis Tyfus, The Hunter Gracchus, Hype Williams, Rhys Chatham. Check out Harry Harmonic Room Wheeler’s promo video (above) and buy your coach tickets.