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BtB webcast for Foxy Digitalis

BtB’s webcast for Foxy Digitalis: a mix of projects we’re involved in, Southampton bands that have played our shows in the past, Borum regulars and the rest made up of stuff that we just happen to like.

Bang the Bore XI: Psychobabble

Bang the Bore XI: Psychobabble Featuring: Glyphs, Melanie O’Dubhslaine, Xenis Emputae Travelling Band, After the Rain, Hossein Hadisi, Co-Fragilities, BtBarbershop Quartet, Pauline Oliveros’ Tuning Meditation 7pm – 10pm, Saturday 17th December 2011 John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ Free entry/donations gratefully accepted Our second event at Southampton’s hospitable and forward-thinking Hansard Gallery is […]

Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting in a Room

Listen to a stream of Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting in a Room, performed in the Castle Vault in Southampton, England by Lucy and Stuart Bannister and recorded by Simon Reynell as part of Bang the Bore IX: Resonance and Psychogeography.

BoreBus Road Trips

The BoreBus finally rides out from Leeds this week, filled with members of Ashtray Navigations and UltraHumanitarian making stops at Cardiff for the SWN Festival and Brighton for the Spirit of Gravity. It feels like we’ve been planning these shows for bloody ages, so it’ll be nice to finally be able to sit down behind […]

People Who Do Noise & interview on Foxy Digitalis

In the fine spirit of film clubs across the world, Kev Nickells has just started a discussion on the above Noise music documentary, Adam Cornelius’ 2008 film People Who Do Noise (featuring Yellow Swans, Smegma, Oscillating Innards and many, many more). If you haven’t seen it then have a watch and join us in chewing […]

Lurrvly Jurg Frey Performance

I just stumbled across a link to this very quite, very patient, but oddly epic piece by Jürg Frey – a name associated with the influential Wandelweiser group of composers that includes Michael Pisaro and has links to improvisers like Radu Malfatti and, more peripherally, long running holders of the coveted title Dan’s Favourite Band […]

Interview with Rhys Chatham

Rhys Chatham is probably best-known for his multiple-guitar minimalist masterpieces, marrying apparent simplicity to high-academic tonal theory, though his most recent record (Outdoor Spell) shows him holding up against in a brain-melting array of trumpet-based loops.

Daniel Spicer’s Mystery Lesson

In what seems to be a flabbergastingly time-consuming display of sonic altruism, Bolide multi-instrumentalist and Wire pencil-pusher Daniel Spicer has now completed his Herculean task of archiving each and every broadcast from his superlative Mystery Lesson radio show (broadcast on Radio Reverb online and on 97.2fm in Brighton, also available at  Totally Radio).  It’s an […]