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“If that ain’t that the happiest looking phoenix I ever saw” – The Art Of Dion McGregor

Pete Coward guides us through the richly populated, food obsessed, psychosexual dream theatre of somniloquist extraordinaire Dion McGregor.

Hans Reichel (1949 – 2011)

In a passing moment on our forum a couple of days ago, one of the BtB janitorial/editorial team both introduced me to Hans Reichel’s music and told me that he’d died. As soon as I heard the below piece, Could Be Nice Too, I was compelled to order the CD reissue of The Death of […]

Smoke and Mirrors (part one) – All Cities Have Magic

Part one of writer, record collector, DJ and witchdoctor Stephen Grasso’s tour through London’s mythic resonances and troubled history. Follow his account in the coming weeks as he unearths the significance of the site upon which stands St. Pauls Cathedral, breaks down London’s history of urban resistance and insurrection, sheds light on the medieval power base of the Corporation of London and explores the notion of zombie march as protest theatre.

Hákarl (communion) – reflections on a 36 hour performance.

Rather than let the memories disappear into the mental flotsam cabinet marked ‘stupid things I once did’, Kev Nickells asked everyone involved to write down some reflections on their experience of the Hákarl communion’s 36-hour continuous performance at the 2011 Supernormal festival.

Lean Left

Streaming video of Lean Left (Ken Vandermark, Paal Nilssen-Love, Terrie Hessels and Andy Moor) performing live at The Croft, Bristol, for Qu Junktions.

Thoughts on fencing flatworm recordings, oTo, Rob Hayler, midwich and radiofreemidwich (Part 2)

The second of our two-part investigation of Rob Hayler’s role in shaping the last decade of UK DIY music sees him holding court on everything from his labels Fencing Flatworm Recordings and oTo, attending shows at Leeds’ notorious Termite Club and his radiofreemidwich blog to dealing with depression, sci-fi and how the internet has/hasn’t changed things for musicians operating in what he calls the “no-audience underground” – as well as some exciting future developments for his midwich project.

David Toop – Music from the Lost Worlds

Came to my attention a little late, but the 20th October broadcast of Wire Magazine’s Adventures in Modern Music show on Resonance FM was particularly good, featuring selections from David Toop’s collection of ethnographic recordings.  In the words of interviewer Derek Walmsley: “This special edition of Adventures In Modern Music presents rare and unheard ethnographic recordings […]

COOS Bombfire Night – 5th November, Brighton

Excellent noisy diversion from the usual bonfire night spectacle. Hopefully fireworks will be let off inside the venue so you won’t miss out on the, er, fireworks too much. Would like to be at this but 250 miles and no cash puts a dampner on things… 5th November at 7pm COOS Bombfire Night at the […]