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Happy New Year from Bang the Bore

Excellent heads up from professional RDJ observer KarenDTregaskin via Twitter – a beautifully recontextualised version of Aphex Twin’s Avril 14th courtesy of YouTube Doubler, in this case matching it against itself slowed down 1000% via PaulStretch. I guess we’re all hoping that 2012 is likely to be this peaceful and jolly rather than trying to […]

2011 Reflections – Seth Cooke

Photo by Layla Smith A few weeks ago we asked various site contributors, people who’ve played at our shows and people we liked to contribute their thoughts on 2011. Today it’s my turn. This year has been amazing for a number of reasons, not least getting this site off the ground… anyone who’s interested in […]

Merry Christmas from Bang the Bore

The Christ Child, we’ve unexpectedly gone all out for Christmas this year. We’ve posted three Christmas mixes – Stephen Grasso’s A Voodoo Christmas in South Norwood, Allison Brice’s Pretty Pretty Christmas and our own Lo! Unto Us a Mix is Born. We’re going to have to do a lot to top this next year. For […]

Lo! Unto Us a Mix is Born (the BtB X-Mas Mixtape)

Around a week ago I asked the Borum for contributions to a Christmas mixtape. This is the result. It’s comprised of roughly one third contributions of new music from forum members, one third suggestions from forum members, and one third my own selections.

Allison Brice – Pretty Pretty Christmas (mixtape)

Allison Brice’ Christmas mixtape, culled from her collection of jazz, easy listening and exotica.

Joyous Yuletide, Karl zero map/a band – Part II

What do you get the man who has everything? A man who’s hat is so big, that it envelopes continents…? A man who’s natural virility and hugs are enough to recharge ailing 36hr-improvising-idiots…? Well? Luckily, the fellow in question dropped a hint on the 23rd of october, in the Forum: “I still want the sped […]

2011 Reflections – Ken Hyder

A couple of weeks ago we asked people we liked to contribute their reflections on 2011, and given that we began the year (and this site) with Daniel Spicer’s excellent interview with Ken Hyder it seemed fitting that we begin our round up with his thoughts on George Clinton, Ziggy Modeliste and the late Paul […]

Smoke & Mirrors (part four) – Bull and Bear

Part four of Stephen Grasso’s psychoarchaeological excavation of London charts the mysterious vaults beneath the Bank of England, discerns the old ghosts of England channelled in contemporary protest theatre and sounds a rallying cry in the battle to reclaim our sacred space.

Ashtray Navigations – Past Present Future Space-Time Festival

The entirety of Ashtray Navigations’ performance at the Past Present Future Space-Time Festival, which took place at the Wysing Arts Centre near Cambridge on 10th September 2011.

Smoke and Mirrors (part three) – Gog and Magog

In the third part of his London Odyssey, Stephen Grasso reveals similarities between British creation myths and the Nephilim of Genesis and Enoch, recounts a history of insurrection in the capital under the banner of King Mob and casts a timely light on the occult stronghold of the City of London Corporation.