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2011 Reflections – Clive Henry

Well, i’m not sure I have too much to say really; the last year seems to have been one marked by increased hermitry… On a personal level, its been equal parts grief and joy; but I feel like 2011 has been a year of building foundations for myself and my activities. I’ll take that. For […]


Bang the Bore XII: Coded Transmissions Featuring: Tim Hodgkinson, Spoils & Relics, Joe Evans, Aghartha and Magical Parents 6pm – 9pm, Saturday 3rd March 2012 John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ Free entry/donations gratefully accepted Thematically coinciding with David Cotterell’s Monsters of the Id exhibition – which “explores the contradiction between the abstraction […]

Co-Fragilities – Ideas for an Omnipresent Group

Watch Co-Fragilities performing Adam Denton’s score Ideas for an Omnipresent Group as part of Bang the Bore XI: Psychobabble at the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton 17.12.2011.

Smoke and Mirrors (part six) – Over the River

Leaving behind the mythic skylines of the ever encroaching city, part six of Stephen Grasso’s adventures in the darker seams of London bridges the liminal space over the Thames, awakens the life-giving goddess of the river and exposes the veneration of ancestral bones in South London as modern magic echoes the past.

Chris Watson interview

Interesting short interview with Chris Watson, posted by Richard Ranft on Playback, in which he talks about acoustic design in architecture, noise pollution, and the potential health consequences of being evolved not to be able to close our ears. Thanks are also due to Mr. Watson himself for allowing users to download photos from his […]

2011 Reflections – Simon Reynell

Simon Reynell – at the back with the black hat and headphones In December we asked various site contributors, people who’ve played at our shows and people we liked to contribute their thoughts on 2011. Today it’s the turn of Another Timbre label owner and professional sound recordist Simon Reynell (who we interviewed for in […]

Hákarl @ Spirit of Gravity/BtB, Brighton, 27.10.2011.

Two solo improvisations – one for guitar, one for violin – from Kev Nickells, under his Hákarl moniker at the Komedia in Brighton last October.

Smoke and Mirrors (part five) – The Fire of London

In the fifth part of his account of legendary London, Stephen Grasso excavates the ancient significance of the London Stone, proclaims the city’s history of violent resistance to abusive authority and ignites Christopher Wren’s Monument to the Great Fire of London as a beacon of both hope and the regenerative power of purifying fire.