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Next Saturday – Bang the Bore XII: CODED TRANSMISSIONS

Bang the Bore XII: Coded Transmissions Featuring: Tim Hodgkinson, Spoils & Relics, Joe Evans, Aghartha and Magical Parents 6pm – 9pm, Saturday 3rd March 2012 John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ Free entry/donations gratefully accepted Thematically coinciding with David Cotterell’s Monsters of the Id exhibition – which “explores the contradiction between the abstraction […]

Stephen Cornford – Binatone Galaxy

Thought I’d share with you one of the more compelling CDs I’ve heard recently – Stephen Cornford’s Binatone Galaxy, released on the Senufo Editions label. It’s a series of microscopically detailed recordings of the inner workings of portable tape recorders, captured using ‘self-amplified cassettes,’ which have been culled down from a larger installation. Probably the […]

Fritz Hauser – two recent videos

From Helen Petts’ YouTube Channel: “Percussionists Sylwia Zytynska and Fritz Hauser at Zwei Tage Zeit festival of improvised music at the Theater Rigiblick in Zurich. Filmed by Helen Petts on the 20th January 2012.” From the Swiss Percussion School’s YouTube Channel: “Fritz Hauser – SPS ensemble – Leo’s Lab association – Ex Macello 5.11.2011 Lugano” […]

Twelve Tapes – call for submissions

Bang the Bore is calling for submissions for our collaborative composition Twelve Tapes – specifically, for help assembling twelve C60 cassettes, recorded in multi-storey, underground or enclosed car parks, in B. These cassettes will be used as materials in an open composition, the form of which is currently under discussion on our forum. Guidelines for […]

Adam Denton at the Site Gallery, Sheffield

As part of the Sheffield Site Gallery’s A Time and A Place series of artist-led participation residencies, Adam Denton is continuing the methodology he used for the Ideas for an Omnipresent Group composition (performed for us last December by his ad-hoc ensemble, Co-Fragilities). You can phone in today and tomorrow and be featured in the […]

BtBarbershop Quartet

This inaugural performance of the BtBarbershop Quartet featured site janitors and concert dogsbodies Clive Henry, Kev Nickells and Seth Cooke alongside Dan Palmer from Glyphs, filmed live at Bang the Bore XI: Psychobabble 17.12.2011.

Melanie O’Dubhslaine

Melanie O’Dubhslaine’s performance at Bang the Bore XI: Psychobabble encoded Terry Smith’s text, ‘How to Describe Something Which Does Not Exist Yet’, into a voice synthesizer program, disfigured the results via manipulating the parameters and used it as the basis for extended improvisations on electronic and acoustic reed instruments.

Smoke and Mirrors (part seven) – Great North Wood

The seventh and final part of Stephen Grasso’s treatise on London’s lost mythology finds the fatal flaw at the heart of plutocratic notions of ownership, adjudicates against the Enclosures Acts’ disempowerment of those outside the capitalist system and celebrates a visceral, animalistic humanism as an antidote to abusive authority.