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“here” Compilation

Bang The Bore is proud to present it’s second compilation: “here”. An open call for submissions was sent out, with participants asked to submit a track reflecting the current locale they found themselves in. This track would be a reflection upon, reaction to, and/or exploration of that locale. They were also asked to submit an […]

Pauline Oliveros – Tuning Meditation

“Inhale deeply; exhale on the note of your choice; listen to the sounds around you, and match your next note to one of them; on your next breath make a note no one else is making; repeat. Call it listening out loud.” Video stream of Tuning Meditation performed live at Bang the Bore XI: Psychobabble.


Side A | Analog System | “His face is turned toward the past” | Tape Noise  |Dematerialisation of the musical object  | Tshirts with cassettes on them  | Side B  | High Bias   | “…would like to stay, awaken the dead, and make whole what has been smashed.”  | materialist counter-insurgancy  | Memorex  | […]

Neneh Cherry & The Thing – Accordion

One of those tunes you have to share as soon as you hear it. On paper, Neneh Cherry and The Thing covering MF Doom sounds improbable. In practise, it sounds like all my birthdays and Christmasses coming at once. Everyone involved nails it, and Cherry has never sounded better. The Cherry Thing album gets released […]

Gino Robair, John Butcher & Paul Hession – Left Bank, Leeds – Thursday 3rd May 2012

STUDENT DISCOUNT: Students presenting their ID on the door can get in for a measly £5.

Michael Pisaro

A twenty minute interview with my favourite living composer, Michael Pisaro, in which he talks about teaching, composition, funding, community and longevity. You can find out more about Pisaro’s consistently superb Gravity Wave label on his blog, Thanks are due to Doug Holbrook from the I Hate Music forum for finding the above video. […]